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High-Ranking Websites For Tradies That Get You Jobs.

Forget about shelling out thousands of dollars for a basic website (that no one ever sees). For a flat monthly fee, we provide a full website with a professional design, domain registration, hosting, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, AND we get it ranking on Google before you become a client.

Grow Your Local Business The Smart Way.

Our one-of-a-kind service package is specifically designed to grow local home services businesses like plumbers, electricians, asbestos removal, double glazing, arborists and landscapers.

Pre-Ranked Google Lead Generation Websites For Tradies

No more "wait six months and hope the rankings turn up." With LeadLocal, your package includes one of our fast-ranking 'keyword domains' - for many home service industries and locations, we already have a pre-ranked keyword domain before your campaign even starts.

Local SEO & Google Ads

Getting reviews can be a struggle when you're trying to wear too many hats in your business. But they are critical for your Google visibility and your chances of landing each job. Our Google review service puts your 5-star review growth on autopilot.

Lead Tracking and Reporting

For many tradies, keeping track of which job came from where seems almost impossible. With our simple reports you can see at a glance exactly which calls and form submissions came from your LeadLocal website.

Forget everything you've heard about local SEO services.

Have you ever heard this one before?

"SEO takes six months - just keeping spending thousands of dollars and we promise, one day, eventually, you will show up on Google."

Sounds like a bad joke doesn't it? Unfortunately this is the typical expectation set by local SEO agencies. And there's truth to it - it does take time to build rankings in Google.

And that's why we do it BEFORE we take you on as a client.

We swallow the risk, cost, time, sweat and tears that go into building Google rankings for your most important local SEO keywords - so that you can enjoy increased visibility for your business on Google organic search from day one as a LeadLocal client.

How Our Unique Local SEO Lead Generation Service Works

We have a simple, 3-step onboarding process:



We build and optimise websites on 'keyword domains' built around valuable local search keywords, to generate high quality search engine traffic across a range of local service business industries for locations all across New Zealand.



We search out high-quality, trusted service providers to pair up with these sites, add your name and branding, and start feeding the leads through to you as part of a comprehensive digital marketing package.



We test different advertising approaches on Google Ads and Facebook to scale up your leads in the short term, while also building out a complete set of service pages on your keyword domain, specific to your business, so you can rank for a full list of target keywords. We optimise your main branded website for the same keywords in parallel, so you can end up holding multiple page 1 positions for your most important service keywords on Google.


We only offer one lead generation website for each service in each target location.

Never worry about whether your agency is 'playing both sides.' There will only ever be ONE keyword domain for your keyword/location combination.

The Old Way To Run SEO Campaigns.

Getting to the top of the search results feels like a mystery. SEO is the practice of trying to improve how you rank for important keywords on Google - traditional SEO focuses on improving factors like keyword use on your website and the number of links pointing to your site.

But local SEO marketing has become increasingly expensive and a lot less effective. Local organic rankings require investing in local optimisation for your Google Business Profile (Maps) listing, not just your website. 

And in many cases, client websites have been built poorly for SEO from day one - meaning that no matter how much you spend on local SEO marketing, your SEO efforts won't get you to the top of the search engine results because your website has structural flaws that prevent it from ranking.

Add to that the number of inexperienced freelancers and agencies promising SEO rankings they can't deliver, spending money on local search engine optimisation often ends up being a disaster for small businesses on a budget who just want visibility in their local area.

local SEO NZ

The Better Way To Do Local SEO in 2024.

But there is a better way to improve your business's visibility in local search results - the LeadLocal way. We've developed the best local SEO service for small business by eliminating the lion's share of the risk from building SEO local rankings.


We build a 'keyword domain' website that is specifically designed to rank on Google super fast for your main keyword, regardless of the current state of your own website rankings. In many cases, for many industries and locations, we already have one of these keyword domains built and ranked in advance, so we can already offer a page 1 ranking from day one.

That's right - we can have your brand name at the top of local search results from day one and help your business drive more local customers via our call tracking phone number.

We then work on improving your branded website's rankings for the same keyword in parallel. The end result is that you can end up holding both the #1 and #2 positions for your most important keywords in the long run.

Our advanced local SEO strategy allows us to the top of the search results faster and cheaper than traditional methods, allowing us to offer a much more affordable local SEO service to our clients.

We build our sites based on SEO best practices from day one, accounting for all the most important ranking factors.

Local SEO works - if it's done right. It's possible to reach the top of Google's organic search results with a smart strategy and the right expert approach.

Why LeadLocal?

In A Nutshell...

  • Get off the tools and grow your business
  • Put an end to 'feast or famine' - develop steady, reliable work flow
  • No more time-consuming 'hustle marketing'
  • No more haggling on price - freedom to pick your jobs
  • Pay a flat monthly marketing fee - no surprises
  • Guaranteed organic SEO visibility
  • Guaranteed leads
  • Grow your reviews and reputation

Our Google Review Growth & Management Services.

As mentioned above, your Google Business Profile (formerly called Google My Business) is a critical part of your success in achieving top local results on Google. If you want to get into the 'local pack,' you need a Google Business Profile and you need relevant local signals that tell Google your business is an important player in your location.

So what are those signals that get your business to show up high in the map pack? Local business online citations (directory listings) are one factor that comes into play. The exact words used in your listing headline and description also play a role as ranking factors.

But by far, having a large number of positive reviews on your Google business listing is the most important ranking factor for the maps. As a business owner you often don't have time to go chasing reviews, which is why we offer a comprehensive Google Business Profile management service designed to grow online reviews for you on autopilot.

Advanced Local SEO Solutions For A Small Business Budget.

How are we able to get such excellent results in the local listings without having to charge an arm and a leg?

Our local SEO experts understand the ranking factors that matter most to boost you local visibility. We do only what's absolutely necessary to reach your local market through search - and nothing extra. There are no account managers with exorbitant salaries, no expensive cars and no fancy Auckland offices.

We spend only what we need to spend to connect you with your local audience.

The end result is affordable SEO services that reach the top of the local search results at minimal cost - which lets us offer a superior product at a much lower price than the vast majority of local SEO agencies in NZ.

Improve your local search visibility the smart way with LeadLocal.

Why We Think We're The Best Local SEO Agency in NZ.

There are a lot of digital marketing services in NZ promising big things, but we have some great reasons to claim we're one of the best local SEO companies there is. If you're looking at hiring a local SEO agency, ask yourself if they can match us on these points:

  • Can they achieve top local SEO rankings for you BEFORE you start paying them?
  • Can they actively help you grow your number of Google reviews?
  • Can they offer you a premium website design on top of all of that at no extra cost?

If you want to truly partner with a local SEO marketing company whose goals are aligned with yours for the long term, LeadLocal is the only choice that makes sense.


How do you generate leads?

All of our leads come directly from Google and Facebook. We generate leads using a combination of SEO (organic rankings) and Google Ads or Facebook Ads (paid advertising).

Are your leads exclusive?

Yes! The leads you get will come to you directly when they are submitted, and no one else. We use a call tracking number which forwards directly to your phone of choice. We do not resell or auction leads to multiple parties. The leads that come through your LeadLocal site are yours and yours only. On top of that, we never work with more than one client for any given industry and location, so you can be confident we are not working on any of your competitors.

Is paying for leads worth it?

Ask our happy clients! Take a look at our case studies to get an idea of what's possible.

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